Top reasons why you should have gas heaters in your home by Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning

Heating your home using natural gas furnace can give you a lot of benefits other than saving energy and money since it uses less boiler energy to heat the air to a higher temperature. These days, natural gas furnaces are palpably a trend among homeowners and it is the most popular home heating option on the market. In recent years, almost 70 percent of new-build homes have included gas heaters. The following are the good reasons why you should have gas heaters in your home:

Energy efficiency

As described above, one of the main advantages of gas heaters is its ability to save energy since such equipment have the highest energy efficiency, so other than keeping your house warm, you can also save money using them. With this, gas heaters can diminish the impact on the environment, and its byproducts are typically water vapor and small amounts of carbon dioxide. There are hardly any emissions of any home heating fuel with natural gas. In order to eliminate the carbon dioxide made from your home, gas heaters require venting to your home’s chimney.  Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning needs you to understand first the exact venting requirements building and safety codes in your area and confirm it with your local public works officials.


Because of innovations in technology such as pilot-less ignition systems and zone heating, gas heaters are also known to be safer. You can also suit your specific needs to it since it can also be customizable.


Unlike other fuel types, natural gas furnaces last longer than its expected lifespan.

No-hassle delivery

When you’re choosing a heating system, the very first thing you need to consider is the delivery method. With natural gas, you don’t need to worry about an empty tank and running out of fuel to heat your home because gas is delivered to your home through underground pipelines.

However, Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning also wants you to know some of the disadvantages of boiler natural gas as a heating fuel, and they are listed as follows:

– It is apparently flammable

– It can be toxic if a large amount is inhaled

– Carbon monoxide is poisonous (the exhaust produced when burning natural gas)

– The current network of underground pipes doesn’t reach all rural or urban areas

To give solutions to some of the predicaments mentioned above, fire departments suggests the use of a carbon monoxide detector since this kind of gas is completely odorless, and in order to make leaks noticeable, gas companies add a scent to natural gas.

When looking for heating systems, avoid fraud services online because according to the review done by Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning, thousands of customers are being a victim of fraud every day. Getting service protection from reliable security firms will help you purchase items with no worries of fraudsters. But it’s also important to be careful at all times to avoid any problems during the process.

You can also inquire at Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning about different alternative heating systems such as boilers, hot boilers, water heaters, garage heaters, etc. since the company has a wide variety of available heating systems. Begin discussing your heating needs with their team today.